Invalid wiki admin password: Passwords must be at least 10 characters.

Install script for Mediawiki on freshly created virtualhost name, selecting the install option:

Initial login for script   
Same username and password as domain

Results in a failed install with error messages:

Found in cache ..

Configuring webserver PHP settings ..
.. already done.
Applying web server configuration ..
.. done
Now installing MediaWiki version 1.35.0 ..
Installation script failed :
Invalid wiki admin password: Passwords must be at least 10 characters.
More information on using this script can be found at

.. installation was only partially complete.
Re-loading Webmin ..
.. done
Applying web server configuration ..
.. done

Upon investigation, I discovered the script was installed, contrary to the message indicating install failure.

The username for the domain had been installed with a pre-encrypted password which I thought exceeded 10 characters. But to make sure I uninstalled Mediawiki, went into user/groups to change its password to one >10 characters, went back to the install scripts and reinstalled Mediawiki only to receive the same errors.

Fixed (pending)
Virtualmin version: 
Webmin version: 


I was able to get the MediaWiki up and running by going through their configuration wizard, downloading the LocalSettings.php and then uploading it to the wiki's index.php directory.

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Submitted by Ilia on Mon, 11/16/2020 - 16:44

Good point, thanks. We will add password requirements for script library.