Installing Virtualmin on existing production webserver

I currently have a web server in place with 10 websites hosted and Webmin is already installed, however, I would like to install Virtualmin. Can I install virtualmin after the websites are up and running, or does it need to be a completely virgin install? I hope there is a way as I need something easier then command line.



I posted this earlier, however, didn't have a Pro license. I purchase a license just a little bit ago sorry about posting improperly last time.

It's risky to do that - installing Virtualmin could break your existing websites that you've configured manually.

When Virtualmin is installed does it wipe out the server? If it keeps the websites and files in place, we would most likely be able to fix any issues.

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Submitted by Ilia on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 07:04

Using install script - yes.

It's extremely time confusing to do everything manually. It's not recommended. It's easier to spin up a new instance, install Virtualmin using official install script and migrate domains.

Makes since. You don't know anyone who would know how to setup SSL on a UBUNTU 18.04 for a WordPress site on Microsoft Azure? ;-)