how apply different php version on diff. domain

as title,

I want to know how to apply and set different php version on different domain.

then, how can set independent php ini file on different domain.



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Submitted by Ilia on Sun, 09/06/2020 - 04:09


Those are controlled under Server Configuration/PHP Versions, in case more than one PHP version is installed.

How to install multiple PHP Versions with Virtualmin.

can reset the php.ini in each domain ?

for example : running in php 7.2 running in php 7.2

but need change some of the configuration ?

In directadmin : I can do this from :

add "SetEnv PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR /home/|USER|/" in Httpd.conf Customization for <- sample

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Submitted by Ilia on Mon, 09/07/2020 - 06:36

Yes, there is a way to do it without any hassle - check Services > PHP 7.x Configuration page.