Failure to resize a KVM guest FS. Guest broken

Hi, I created a KVM from the Cloudmin-provided Ubuntu 18.04 KVM image and during the guest creation it barks some error message :

" Expanding filesystem to 50 GiB ... .. expansion failed : Only the last partition on a disk image can be resized"

And in the end the new guest can't start :

" Starting up new KVM instance .. .. failed to start : KVM instance was started, but could not be pinged after 60 seconds

Fetching current status .. .. status successfully retrieved (Down)"

I can't resize even in the Manage Disks section of Cloudmin guest management.

So Ubuntu 18.04 KVM guests are basically unusable :(

Any help please ?



Title: Failure to resize a KVM guest FS ยป Failure to resize a KVM guest FS. Guest broken

Does this same problem happen if you don't resize the disk image when creating the VM?

Nope ! But then the default size is quite squishy :D

But then even if the install completes the VM fails to start. Boot messages are as follows :

QEMU waiting for connection on: tcp:,server
Invalid IPv6 Address '02:54:00:D7:03:1F' specified.
Invalid IPv6 Address '02:54:00:D7:03:1F' specified.
Could not read keymap file: 'fr-latin9'
/etc/qemu-ifdown: could not launch network script