Transfer of Virtual server fails

Hi there

I have an error transferring virtual server between Virtualmin Servers (I have this error on multiple unrelated servers)

The whole install is completed but right at the very end I get this message

Error: Failed to find section local_name ! Error ----- Failed to find section local_name mydomain ! -----

.. transfer failed

The Virtualmin servers receiving the transferred domains are currently up to date ( Virtualmin 6.10) - The Virtualmin servers transferring the virtual server are not all up to date.

I have found that if I attempt to transfer the virtual server again - this time choosing to over-write previous domain the transfer is successful without any errors.

Kind regards Brad

Fixed (pending)


This will be fixed in the upcoming 6.11 minor release of Virtualmin.

Hi Jamie

Thank you very much for your reply

Greatly appreciated

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