DKIM KeyTable and SigningTable are not being updated

Hello team,

We are running Virtualmin Pro and we need to get DKIM setup for all the domains. The problem is.. the panel is not writing to the configuration files at /etc/opendkim and when we go to send a test message, OpenDkim complains that there is no record for the domain found. We checked the KeyTable and SigningTable and it's still default even though we do have domains. Any assistance is appreciated, thank you!

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Submitted by thedaemexco on Sun, 07/05/2020 - 15:11 Pro Licensee

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We are about to release new Virtualmin version that doesn't have this issue.

Unless you're running Ubuntu 18.04, check that DomainKeys Identified Mail has option called Signing of outgoing mail enabled? set to Yes. Perhaps, you need to extend the domains you want the signature for using Domains to sign for field? However, I don't remember this issue happening, unless running Ubuntu 18.04.

Please stay tuned.

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Submitted by thedaemexco on Sun, 07/05/2020 - 16:53 Pro Licensee

Hi Ilia , we resolved the issue and here is what we found. So it turns out (on Centos 7 anyways, latest version of Virtualmin Pro) the SigningTable and KeyTable do not get modified by Virtualmin. We checked /etc/opendkim.conf and found this line in there:

Domain(s) whose mail should be signed by this filter. Mail from other domains will

be verified rather than being signed. Uncomment and use your domain name.

This parameter is not required if a SigningTable is in use.

Domain /etc/dkim-domains.txt

We ran: cat /etc/dkim-domains.txt and found that yep.. this is where Virtualmin was listing the domains to be signed. So why was our email still not being signed? We checked the documentation further and noticed we had the DNS option disabled for the service and for dkim signing to work.. it had to be on. We turned it on and then everything was all good :)

If you guys can please look at our WHMCS Reseller issue, we would really appreciate it. We bought Virtualmin Pro for this reason specifically and we cannot use it right now. Looking forward to hearing back. Thanks!

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