Still no compatibility with CentOS 8.x?

Don't want to trigger anyone, but is Cloudmin still developed, or what is wrong? It has been more than a half a year since myself and others asked, and all the threads are blocked/solved due to inactivity... Or simply pushed down by other issues/posts. Did I miss some update or something?

You have been very scarce on info regarding Cloudmin and CentOS 8, and as a reminder the outstanding problems are:

  • one can hardly adopt a new CentOS8 KVM host, in a CentOS 7 master; it is doable though;

  • different QEMU versions so commands (for the networking part I think?) are messed up with a CentOS 8 physical host;

  • didn't try it but I bet there will be problems installing Cloudmin as a master on CentOS 8.x OS;

  • problems starting automatically CentOS 8 KVM guests on CentOS 7 hosts - it weirdly hangs, and have to manually restart the VM;

  • does the proper imaging of running CentOS 8 VMs work? On either a CentOS 7 or 8 Cloudmin master? Because it didn't with CentOS 8.1 KVM guest on a Centos 7.7 host.

8.2 is a great OS, fast and stable as hell, I don't know why it seems so much snappier; seems like a waste to deal in legacy when the future is upon you...




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Submitted by Ilia on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 02:52

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Sorry about that - we have been busy working on new Webmin and Virtualmin releases.

I will assign this to Jamie for a comment.

Meanwhile, could you provide more exact error messages when something doesn't work/goes wrong? Perhaps, what you have already mentioned would be enough for Jamie to grasp on what's wrong but it would always be better to see for us an exact error message (or even a screenshot) and know the steps to reproduce an issue.

didn't try it but I bet there will be problems installing Cloudmin as a master on CentOS 8.x OS;

We actually tested that in the distant past and it seemed to work just fine with latest install script.

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Submitted by fakemoth on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 01:43

Here it is one from 3 months ago by pixel_paul, but it was also reported at the beginning of the year, just can't find it. This seems the biggest problem as you get no network in new VMs.

qemu-kvm: -net tap,vlan=0,script=/kvm/ 'vlan' is deprecated. Please use 'netdev' instead.

And another one also regarding networking that I can't remember. I thought you were aware of this issue, and of course, it should be easy to replicate on your side.

As for CentOS 8 KVM guest on a CentOS 7 host can't test it right now as the machine is in production; but it is about QEMU not being able to connect to tcp: after you restart the host and the CentOS 8 VM is set to start automatically. It never boots properly. Pretty sure it is the only VM set up for that, and in fact it works (after a manual restart of the VM) and works with CentOS 7 flawlessly.

These two are confirmed, in two data centers, both with Cloudmin Pro.

Also - when will we get a proper web HTML5 graphical web interface (form the Graphical Console menu entry) for Cloudmin? Java and the completely dropped flash are not running for years...

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Submitted by fakemoth on Fri, 07/03/2020 - 11:24

QEMU waiting for connection on: tcp:,server Failed to connect : Connection refused at /usr/bin/ line 29.

The error message with CentOS 8 guest, on 7

The issue with -netdev is fixed in the Cloudmin repo, but not released yet. If you're interested in trying out a beta, please let us know..

Also, the graphical console should already support flash, java and javascript modes.

Is Virtualmin generally working OK-ish on Centos 8.2 or should I not spin up an 8.2 VPS and go with Centos 7.x instead? Thanks for the pointer.

With the latest release, it should work fine on CentOS 8.

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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 07/11/2020 - 06:52

Virtualmin 6.10 (latest as of now) GPL has been out for a week. Pro version is scheduled to be released by Joe this weekend.

Ilia, just an FYI... at this moment, the GPL INSTALL.SH is version 6.1.1 and the GITHUB version is 6.2.0

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Submitted by fakemoth on Sun, 07/12/2020 - 08:02

Virtualmin is just fine on 8.2, running a few personal domains for quite a while. The only problem was AwStats; didn't check lately if it appeared in the EPEL repo for CentOS 8... Not Virtualmin related this one though.

Please let's keep this thread about Cloudmin and its outstanding issues. I am not testing any betas on my production servers, but thanks for letting me know you are working on the issues.

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Submitted by pixel_paul on Tue, 07/14/2020 - 05:20 Pro Licensee

I ended up using CentOS 7 as the host Cloudmin system as I ran out of time trying to get it to work on CentOS 8.

I am now using CentOS 8 exclusively on all new guests (kvm) and it runs very well. The only issue I had was the deprecation of ntp in CentOS 8, which has now been resolved in the latest release of Webmin by adding Chrony support.

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Submitted by pixel_paul on Wed, 09/09/2020 - 10:57 Pro Licensee

Hi Jamie,

I have an opportunity to try out the Cloudmin script for CentOS 8 now, if you are still need testing to be done.



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Submitted by Ilia on Mon, 09/14/2020 - 16:55

We do have install script in or dev repo to work with CentOS 8 but Cloudmin itself needs fixes to work with CentOS 8, which are not ready yet.

I just installed a minimal CentOS 8 server and Virtualmin installed with no problems.

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Submitted by fakemoth on Tue, 09/15/2020 - 01:53

This is about Cloudmin that to this day didn't receive a proper update, not Virtualmin. RHEL/CentOS 8.3 is already in beta people...

Bump! Is there any activity on this? I'd really like to start deploying Cloudmin servers, but I kinda hate to use an old OS.

I was struggling trying to get the scripts to work under RHEL8... Got it to create a VM, but it won't start.

nleaudio - are you looking to use a CentOS 8 system as the cloudmin master, or as a VM host?

Jamie: I'm trying to run CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 as a VM Host. I'll be using the same for the guest OSes, but I'm sure that part works fine!