how do i manually pay a failed order for Virtualmin Pro?

hi guys, I want to pay for a failed order for Virtualmin do i do that? (i have changed my credit card on file)

I only want to leave my credit card open to international transactions for just this transfer then close that off again asap.

kind regards Adam



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Submitted by Ilia on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 03:06

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I will assign this to Eric for a comment and a fix.

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

We unfortunately don't have an automated mechanism for that... the system can process a payment within a day or two, but there isn't a way to do it immediately.

However, if you let us know when the payment method is updated, just let us know and I'll gladly set it to run as quickly as possible!

Howdy -- just a heads up that we've been having some trouble charging your card.

Note that after any charge attempt is made, the system does send an email if there was a problem.

If you keep an eye out for any emails, then enable the credit card at that point, you should be able to keep an eye out for it to be charged over the next day or so then you can disable it again.

Let us know soon though, as you're nearing the end of your grace period, and the system could end up cancelling your license if we aren't able to get that sorted. Thanks!

We do not have an automatic system for that sadly ... The machine will accept a request within a day or two, so there's no easy way to do so.


Well, that's no problem -- however, our system will generate emails to you when payment doesn't work, and then it'll try to charge your card again within a few days.

You'd just need to update your card after receiving a notification email.

Can you let us know here whenever the card can be tried again? Thanks!