Virtualmin Server Owner can't see Schedule Cron Jobs Menu

The option is enabled in System Settings > Server Templates > Default Settings > Administrato's Webmin Modules > Scheduled Cron Jobs (user's process only) but the user can't see the menu to set up the cron jobs.

Is this a bug? How do I grant all virtualmin server owners to access their own cron jobs?


Closed (works as designed)


You should be able to access them at Webmin -> System -> Scheduled Cron Jobs.

Jamie, as a ROOT user I can see them where you've mentioned. But as a Virtualmin Server Owner, this options doesn't exist. Please, check the printscreens I've attached in the topic.

The second screenshot (chrome_22-06-2020_13-15-59.png) although in Portuguese, only shows: Sistema (System): Alterar Senha (Change Password) Histórico do Sistema (System Log).

It's missing the Scheduled Cron Jobs option.

Are the domains for which this is happening on the Default virtualmin template?

Yes. There's only one Virtualmin Template available and in use, which is the default one.

Can you post the line from the /etc/webmin/webmin.acl file that starts with the domain owner's username?

username: mysql virtual-server filemin passwd updown change-user htaccess-htpasswd syslog phpini virtualmin-awstats virtualmin-htpasswd

All virtual server owner share the same setup above.

I just realized one reason why this may happen - does this domain have a chroot jail enabled?

Yes! All domains have chroot jail.

Ok, this is expected then. The reason is that Cron has no way to chroot commands, so if we did allow domain owners to create their own Cron jobs, they could escape from the jail.

What's the best approach to create cron jobs for users, then? Myself as root create the cron for the user, and use their username to run the command? Or since chroot jail is enabled, I can't let them have cron jobs, no matter the way?

Currently, you would have to create cron jobs, which run under their username.

OK! Thanks Jamie!