PHP Versions menu page, 2 minor bug reports

A brief bug report.

The context first: On my Debian 10 dedi, I switched a site I host to php-FPM, in hope to bring bonus performance compared to php-fcgid, but I didn't know it would disable the folder-specific settings that allow certain directories to run a specified version of PHP (AKA: the CMS in that folder runs php 7.1.x, and not 7.2.x like the others"), as directory-specific rules seem disabled when we're with php-FPM, apparently. That made me rollback to php-FCGID an hour later, and then, I discovered that meant I had to manually re-type every folder-specific rule, they were all lost.

So, the bugs:

Bug 1. When adding directories in Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Php versions, the directories are not sorted alphabetically. Which is weird. An example, I expanded to give you a good idea of the thing, I added entries from 1 to 12 in sequential order, the final result is this: galleries1
galleries4 (you'll notice: it's not just 1-11-2, in which the "implicit" zero that should be implied would have ignored. No, it's also 1-12-11, not 1-11-12, and with the 4 thrown at the very bottom. So it's neither alphabetical, nor chronological, nor ignoring implied zeroes)

Bug 2. The directory-specific PHP versions option isn't available with PHP-FPM. (It may be intentional because not possible, or it may be a bug, I cannot tell myself, do what you want of it.)

Bug 3. The absence of a warning (and/or a confirmation to click) that directory-specific PHP versions will be lost with the switch to PHP-FPM. Such a warning (and/or a confirmation to click) before the final switch ought to be present IMO, as it is likely to break websites while not being aware of it.

There, bug report done. Have a great day!



Bug 1 - we'll fix this in the next release.

Bug 2 - unfortunately due to the way FPM is setup, per-directory versions aren't possible

Bug 3 - I'll add a warning for this in the next release.