Systemd service clamd@scan cannot be created unless a command is given


Hit this error in the $subject when going through the wizard and enabling Clamav on CentOS8 (also in Centos7).

Doing this in the shell fixes the problem:

yum -y install clamav-data.noarch
systemctl enable --now clamd@scan

PS: make sure you have enough RAM and/or add SWAP or else Clamav will fail to start.

Closed (fixed)


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Submitted by Ilia on Tue, 05/19/2020 - 15:04


Thanks for your feedback. For your information, this is what dnf info clamav-data returns:

This package contains the virus-database needed by clamav. This
             : database should be updated regularly; the 'clamav-update' package
             : ships a corresponding cron-job. Use this package when you want a
             : working (but perhaps outdated) virus scanner immediately after package
             : installation.

You could simply run freshclam instead, which you need to run anyway on regular basis (that is actually should be run automatically by a cron job).

Yes, indeed, freshclam would work even better.