Create WSL CentOS/Ubuntu Windows App Distro with Virtualmin preloaded

Instead of supporting a half working version of Webmin/Virtualmin on Windows, how about we create a WIndows Store App that uses the Windows Subsystem for Linux, except only install the minimum features without DNS, mail, stats etc and set the configs to development and pre-install all versions of PHP. This would speed up development environment delpoyment by being able to install with a single click of a button in the app store. Eventually you could create a sync feature to sync a virtual server to a local full blown Virtualmin server for staging/collaboration, then/or it would be good to have a feature to deploy to production Virtualmin/cPanel/Plesk/FTP/SFTP. This would make Virtualmin the goto for a localhost development web control panel driving more commerical interest to the Virtualmin project. I would then believe you would also have tons of developers that would be willing to help support the project maybe even big companies may donate as Windows Store Apps can be delivered by active directory!!! Just image being able to setup every users development environment before they login instead of hours per development computer, magic stuff. Hope this gets noticed by the right people.

I have tried to install Virtualmin in Ubuntu App but there are networking issues, hostname issues and disk quotas don't work but other than that it looks good, can't be that hard to get it working.

If you do create a distro please do not merge environment path variables ;-)

P.S. You can easily make a WSL WIndows App using this project



That's an interesting idea, but first we'd need to validate that it works well on WSL - I haven't tested that at all yet. Do you have experience with this?