Cloudmin installation issue - no script available - The requested URL /cgi-bin/cloudmin-redhat-install.cgi was not found on this server.


I just purchased a Cloudmin license and I'm not able to install it using the automated script for Centos7 or any other distro

Fact - I cannot reach the script as I'm redirected to a page : The requested URL /cgi-bin/cloudmin-redhat-install.cgi was not found on this server.

Many thanks




Howdy -- I'm very sorry, our Cloudmin server is experiencing some problems.

I unfortunately don't have an ETA for you as to when it'll be working.

If you like, I can issue you a refund, and you can try it again at a later date?

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Submitted by Ilia on Sat, 02/15/2020 - 00:20

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The work-around would be is to use install script that I have just attached.

Downloads will be fixed soon.

Tell us if it worked for you. I have put your serial and license in it, just rename it back to .sh, chmod +x it and run.

Worked like a charm

Many thanks for your help !!!!

Now I have to find out how to use it :)

All the best