Webmin/Usermin mail client unable to display mailbox.

I have been struggling with this for a couple of days. And I'm not sure what they cause it. The usermin mail client takes forever to load. However, it timeouts every time. I was able to troubleshoot as far as determining inbox_login.cgi is not responding. And when it does, it throws an error stemming from the miniserv.pl. The stack trace is below. Unfortunately this is all I can find.

Call Stack Trace File Line Function /usr/share/usermin/mailbox/inbox_login.cgi 40 WebminCore::error (eval 40) 6 (eval) /usr/share/usermin/miniserv.pl 2455 (eval) /usr/share/usermin/miniserv.pl 943 miniserv::handle_request

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Submitted by Ilia on Fri, 02/07/2020 - 04:10


There are few reasons for this error to appear.

Have you installed Virtualmin using automated install script?

You need to make sure that the user you're logged in with can actually send and receive mail.

The default is to use IMAP for fetching mail.

The simple way to test things out is to go to Edit Users, click Create New User and then trying to log in to Usermin, using this newly created username - do you still get the same error?

What happens, if you try to send mail to the email address, which generates an error. Try sending mail to it and then to newly created user using third-party email services (like GMail, Yahoo and etc). Are there any bounced mails with errors? Can you connect to your IMAP server using other clients?

What is the output of:

systemctl status dovecot


journalctl -u dovecot -e

I found the cause after hours of troubleshooting. My employee had reinstalled virtualmin and it broke underlying links. A server wipe and reinstall fixed everything.