OpenDKIM Socket File vs TCP

Hi! Recently i've worked on some configuration on Postfix; i've noticed that when i configure opendkim (/etc/default/opendkim and /etc/opendkim.conf) to listen on socket file /var/spool/postfix/opendkim/opendkim.sock everythings works but if i remove inet:localhost:8891 from postfix virtualmin think domainkey identified mail is disabled so it's not gonna add domain key dns record to any virtualserver; if i do look better OpenDKIM, on default configuration it's listening on 8891 on .conf it's listening on socket file; i've tested both local and inet config, and leaved sock file comunication just 'cause i've prefered it



Virtualmin should support both socket files and TCP port, but make sure that all the config files are in sync if you change it - specifically both the Postfix config and whatever openDKIM reads on your system (ie. /etc/default/opendkim and /etc/opendkim.conf)

Actually i've setted up both (default and .conf) via tcp port, just i don't care doin' it with socket file, when i'll have time, i'll test again via socket file