MediaWiki Manager

It would be cool, if I could manage all MediaWiki instances from within a MediaWiki manager.

The manager should be able to

  • Upload wiki logo
  • Upload favicon.ico
  • Install / uninstall / configure / update extensions
  • Install / uninstall / configure / update skins
  • Apply settings / extensions / skins from one wiki to another
  • Unify settings / extensions / skins for wikis
  • Provide shared settings
  • Provide shared extensions
  • Provide shared skins
  • Manage wikis (multi-language etc)

Have you ever considered creating such a module? It might be even necessary in Webmin as well as in Virtualmin ...



Howdy -- thanks for your suggestion!

I agree that would indeed be an awesome feature.

That unfortunately may be getting a bit outside the scope of what we can reasonably maintain though.

Building and maintaining that would be a considerable task, and we unfortunately don't have those sorts of resources (there's just four of us here).

It's possible there's someone out there already who's built a tool to do something similar; that would probably be the direction I'd look to go, rather than trying to incorporate that into Virtualmin itself.

As far as I know there is no such tool. I quite agree with you, that this is not a little task, but if we would agree on having such a module would be a unique selling point, we could try to make some crowd funding in order to raise amounts to pay some developer for doing this.