Virtualmin installation removes Percona Server then crashes on installation

Fortunately I did this into a testing environment.

I installed Debian 10 then I installed Percona Server 5.7. I ran Virtualmin install script and it crashed on installation Phase 2 "Installing virtualmin-lamp-stack ". Checking the errors the script crashed removing Percona packages installed before. I had to open a Terminal to uninstall all Percona traces then I ran again the installation script. This time there were no issues. Percona was vanished and MariaDB replaced it.

Why any MySQL server installed before is removed by Virtualmin script and it is replaced with MariaDB? I know MariaDB is the default MySQL Server in Buster but I prefer Percona. If you remember in the past with Debian 7 and 8 we could install any MySQL server before without getting any issues at Virtualmin installation. The script was skipping MySQL server installation if a version already was available.

Closed (works as designed)


Title: Virtualmin installation removes Percona Server than crashes on installation ยป Virtualmin installation removes Percona Server then crashes on installation


Howdy -- the Virtualmin installer is only designed to be run on a fresh install of your OS of choice.

It unfortunately isn't designed to be run with non-standard software like that.

You may in some cases be able to replace certain software with others after the install, but that's not something we test for.

If you have any questions on how to use Percona along with Virtualmin, we'd encourage you to ask about that in the Forums, where there may be other folks who have tried that.

In this case after installation of MariaDB I have to remove it then re-install Percona. As I mentioned before this was not happening in the past. I really missing the days when I was able to edit file and add/remove packages as I wanted.

Sorry, that's just not something Virtualmin is designed to be able to do.