enhancement request - Filesystem F2FS does not seem to be supported

I'm building a new server that uses SSDs and hard drive...

The file system I'm using for /home /pagespeed and /home2 is F2FS. These are the partitions that will see a lot of read / writes, so I thought using a file system designed for SSDs might be a good idea.

Under the "Disk Usage" - I do not see any of those partitions. The only ones I see are / /var and /tmp as these use XFS.

As SSDs are becoming more and more mainstream and the F2FS file system is also being introduced to many "installers" might be a good thing for Virtualmin to support.

Fixed (pending)


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Thanks for your report!

Passing this to Jamie for review.

Thanks, we'll add f2fs support for showing local disk space in the next release of Webmin.