Sub-servers still using old contact email address

I have a number of sub-servers that were imported from an old server that are still configured with an old contact email address. While the parent server is configured with the new/current email address of the owner/user at Virtualmin -> DOMAIN -> Edit Virtual Server -> Configurable settings -> Contact email, changing this does not seem to change it for the sub-servers. At the same path on the sub-server there is no field to change this email address, so the old email address is still in the system, appears on the Virtualmin -> List Virtual Servers page, and Virtualmin tries to send emails to it.

I'm guessing I'll need to change a configuration file on the command line to fix this, so this is both a bug report to have this fixed in future versions, and a support request for where to find this config file, or a way to change this within Virtualmin if there is an existing way. Thanks.


Fixed (pending)


It is possible to fix this by using the command-line modify-domain tool to update the contact email for the parent and sub-domains, like :

virtualmin modify-domain --domain --email

However, it does appear to be a bug that they can fall out of sync. In your opinion, would an admin ever want to have separate contact addresses for parent vs. sub-domains?

Hi Jamie,

Thanks, that worked.

To answer your question, most of my users are non-technical and have no need for different contacts for different sub-servers. My technical or somewhat technical users are resellers, and that system works fine. However, I can certainly see a situation in a bigger organisation where different people need to manage different sub-servers (sub-domains or different domains), but none of my users/clients are that big.

That's my $0.02 worth. Thanks for asking.

Thanks - I think I'll go with just making the sub-server email always follow the parent, so that this kind of mismatch can't ever happen.

That sounds reasonable. Thanks.