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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

I'm very sorry that you've been seeing that issue as long as you have, and that we haven't been able to resolve it. Jamie's been having a difficult time reproducing it elsewhere, and there's not a lot of similar reports we've received from other folks. I'll need to follow up with him to see if he's had any luck logging into your server to see what's going on there.

As much as I wish I could promise this, I can't guarantee the issue you're seeing will be fixed in a month, especially since you have requests for a similar issue dating back much longer than that.

So we can't really offer a discount or refund -- if Virtualmin isn't doing what you need, you may need to consider cancelling your license, and reviewing a few months down the road whether you'd like to try it again or not. You could always try it for free with Virtualmin GPL to see if it's working for you.

My apologies, I know that's not what you want to hear, but as things stand it doesn't appear that we have a solution to the problem you're seeing right around the corner.

i have already started my business on this product....my entire business plan is based upon this product. I have been actively trying to grow based on this product. there's nothing else that allows me to offer the features i do for the pricing i do.

well shit...i guess that answers that. It's too bad..virtualmin is such a promising product...i am disappointed virt is unable to stand behind the product...i do not think I have been too unreasonable with my demands. I guess i have no choice but to honor my current hosting contracts and then shutdown. I am upset that Virt strung me along for two years with all kinds of ipv6 issues. Why not tell me back then you cannot reproduce it two years ago? I would not have wasted so much money paying you folks and even more of lost money(in terms of my time) fucking around with this? This shows very poorly on virtualmin across the board. if i had the time and the money i would sue virtualmin for the loss of revenue I have suffered because of the persistent bugs in this product. I did nothing outside of what Virt could do and I even followed virt's recommendations to try to fix things. This is across two Linux distributions and three versions of said distros over more than TWO years. This is across MULTIPLE hardware variations as well. I have mentioned more than once about the support being not premium. Now I have some recently signed up clients that I am going to have to refund because I simply cannot give them a dedicated ipv6 address on a reliable basis.

Thanks guys.

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Title: *years of time and money wasted* » 30 day free extension requested
Title: 30 day free extension requested » 30 day free extension requested*It's Over*

I have been trying for a couple of years to get my control panel to work correctly. Unfortunately it appears my choice of web hosting control panel vendors has done me in. The issue has been constant ipv6 issues. My vendor, Virtualmin, is unable to fix the problems and unfortunately this means I have two choices. I have to switch to another control panel which will cost double what I am paying now for less features or I can slowly wind down operations.

All existing hosting arrangements will be honored until their expiry. I will not be accepting any new clients for web hosting and my servers will stay online until Jan 7th 2021. I have plenty of funds to keep things operating until that point. All offerings with the exception of ipv6 will also continue to operate until this time. I am also suspending billing for any renewals as since I am unable to provide the service I advertised I cannot, in good conscience) continue to bill for a service I cannot provide in full.

I simply do not have the resources to build my own panel at this time and the hundreds of hours I have spent have taken a toll on my health. It is, with a heavy heart, that I wind down my hosting operations. For all who have used my service, I thank you. If you want an archive of your site all you have to do is ask and I will make one for you that will facilitate your transition to other hosting. I will also turn over domains to your chosen registrar as well if you have purchased domains through me.Since I am giving over a year’s notice nobody will be shorted on their contracts. Sincerely, William Warren