DKIM enabled on all domains?

Dear Virtualmin support,

Recently we enabled DKIM on one of our servers. (Webmin 1.930 - Vmin 6.07). We thought we had enabled it only for select servers (see attachement). But now it came to our attention DKIM is also beeing added do domains who are not named in the "Additional domains to sign for". We would like to have DKIM enabled for the specified domains only. I've been going trew the documentation and i can't seem to figure out if this is working as intended or a bug. Could you help remedy this situation?

Kind regards,




Howdy -- what you're seeing there is the expected behavior.

When DKIM is enabled, it signs emails for all domains hosted within Virtualmin that have email and DNS enabled.

If you wish to use DKIM for systems where DNS is hosted elsewhere, that's where the "Additional domains to sign for" comes in.

The only way to get DKIM to not sign for certain domains would be to list those domains in the "Never sign for domains" field.

There's help text going into some additional detail on that at the top of the page.

It doesn't sound like you're seeing a bug there though... if you had any additional questions on that, as it looks like you're using Virtualmin GPL there, you'd want to ask those in the Forums. Thanks!