Virtual Email shows on webmin even when everything is disabled

The "Virtual Email" page on Webmin still shows on virtualmin users (non-root) even if it's disabled on Server Template.

The page displays: Mail and FTP Users, Mail Aliases, Virtual Server Details. But they return no permission error when visited.


* No other mail-related packages on system, just Postfix for outgoing
* Administrator's Webmin Modules (Server Template): Virtual Email -- No
* Limit on number of aliases (Plan) -- 0
* Alias related settings on Plan's Allowed Capabilities - unchecked
* Mail for domain -- unchecked

This is probably aesthetics rather than security issue.

Fixed (pending)


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Thanks for your report!

I'm passing this along to Jamie for review.


Actually, that module is redundant to display under Webmin -> Servers, because the regular Virtualmin UI encompasses all it's features.

Which theme are you using there?

Authentic Theme 19.39 Virtualmin 6.0.19

Can you post a screenshot of where you're seeing "Virtual Email" in the UI?

I see now - this will be fixed in the next release.