Webalizer reporting enabled? won't go away

Steps: 1. Create virtual server, turn on all the features.
2. After its done, whoops, didn't want the http features on this one, open up "edit virtual servers" then "enabled features" and turn off the http related stuff.
3. And here is the problem: The checkbox for "Webalizer reporting enabled?" just won't turn off.

Which causes the backup report to end up in my mailbox every day for "error in backup"...

To fix, go to /etc/webmin/virtual-servers/domains and edit the configuration manually (change webalizer=1 to webalizer=0 on that domain file) fixes all of it.

Fixed (pending)


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Thanks for your report! I'm passing this along to Jamie for comment.

Do you mean that clicking on the checkbox does nothing, or that un-checking it and clicking "Save" doesn't actually save the setting?

Here is what caught my attention. the Daily backup sent me this after I removed the http part of virtualmin's settings from this domain (all of the choices)

Backup is partially complete. Final size was 778.12 MiB. Total backup time was 10 minutes, 05 seconds. Virtual servers that failed : hendersonhulling.com Scroll down to hendersonhulling...
Copying Webalizer configuration files .. .. no logging directive found in webserver configuration! Look at the " Edit Virtual Sub-Server In domain hendersonhulling.com"
enabled features:
Webalizer reporting enabled? is ON.

But I turned it off! So turn it off again, ... nope, still there.

Open /etc/webmin/virtual-servers/domains then find hendersonhulling...
change change webalizer=1 to webalizer=0

All fixed now.

Maybe its not removing webalizer because of this:

Deleting virtual website .. .. done

Deleting Apache log files .. .. done

Deleting scheduled Webalizer reporting .. .. failed to find web log

Deleting SSL virtual website .. .. done

Disabling log file rotation .. .. done

Appears to delete the logs before webalizer removes its settings, so it gets lost?


Yes, that would explain it. We will handle this case better in the next Virtualmin release.