Add Unzip to default jailkit jails

Please consider adding unzip to the default jailkit configuration.

Closed (works as designed)


You can configure which jailkit sections get included in each domain's chroot at System Settings -> Virtualmin Configuration -> Advanced Options -> Additional Jailkit sections to copy . Or you can edit /etc/jailkit/jk_init.ini and add the unzip command to one of the sections like basicshell .

Sorry, we're not looking to add any commands to the default jail at this time. It shouldn't be a problem to add any of those in using the steps Jamie shared above, though if you have trouble doing that just open a support request and let us know.

One reason not to add it by default is that not all Linux systems have unzip installed by default.

which is easily solved by adding it to your installer..something your installer does to install the various packages that virt loads to turn it into the LAMP/NAMP servier anyway.

Status: Active ยป Closed (works as designed)