Virtualmin Deleting Extra dns record added manually


I added images A recorded of a domain to point external server, after that i edited the virtual server and enabled Database feature then images record is deleted

Fixed (pending)


Howdy -- thanks for your report!

We don't seem to be able to reproduce that issue though.

I actually have a number of custom records on my own personal server, and those records all all added to the zone file in /etc. The only way I was able to cause them to be deleted was to disable the DNS feature, and then re-enable it.

I'll see if Jamie has any thoughts, but are you able to reproduce the issue?

If you edit your DNS records, and then save that new record -- are you able to cause it to be removed by modifying the database feature?

Was the domain you added the custom record to an alias, or a regular domain? For aliases, records get copied from their parent.

I also couldn't reproduce this issue but it's weird for me

I am new to virtualmin before two days i started to use virtualmin in my production website, i added my 18 domains without mysql database because i imported all mysql database and user in command line, then i pointed images A Record to other server on all domains,

Then in each domain, I edited virtual server and enabled mysql and imported manually created database, then next day when i am viewing my site all images are broken, when inspecting i seen images A record seems to be deleted

1 domain is parent and other is sub server

if it's deleted by virtualmin where i can find the log?

Note: i added all images dns record by Virtualmin modify-dns --all-domains "images A"

There are logs at Webmin -> Webmin Actions Log.

Wow finally i found that bug,

thank you jamiecameron

if you disable mail client auto configuration then it's removing manually added DNS record for email enabled domain,

Please fix the bug, it may cause serious issue

it was logged in the activity "Disabled mail client auto-configuration"

Please check the snapshot in the following url

What was the custom record you added?

Images In A Record to point external IP

I can confirm that if you disable or enable email client configuration it deleting any dns record next to autoconfig

Ok, that's expected. Are you using the autoconfig DNS record for mail client configuration, or something else?

I am just using default, when you enable email client auto configuration it adding autoconfig and autodiscover record but in some cases autodiscover is not in next line so, it's deleted my Images DNS record

when i test again in some cases it also deleted one first line in DKIM which caused bind server went down

So i am suggesting whenever virtualmin deleting any dns record it should be validated, deleting without knowing what record in next line is quite dangerous

Also when i change IP address yesterday 4 domains custom dns had deleted out of 158 domains i couldn't understand why it's happened but it's there in log

The way virtualmin handle deleting dns record should be improved. if possible give mail id i share the both 2 log files

Ok I see the bug - this will be fixed in the next Virtualmin release.

Are u included the second bug mentioned?

When changing ip address it deleted dns record again

Yes, they are both facets of the same underlying bug.