Spamassassin ignored - runs different rules to command line spamassassin

I am reporting this as a bug because to me this should work as expected but its not, and because no one has replied to the issue on the forums. See here for the issue

In summary, we get a lot of spam through even though senders and links in the body are on blacklists like spamhaus.

Running spamassassin on the command line correctly identifies the email as spam.

But running it as normal on incoming email is not identifying it the same as the command line spamassassin, and different rules are added, and its missing all the rules that would identify it as spam.



Howdy -- we're sorry that you're experiencing an issue with SpamAssassin and spam, though it doesn't sound like a Virtualmin bug that you're seeing there.

You may want to experiment with different SpamAssassin settings in Email Settings -> Spam and Virus Scanning, and there, see if one of the other options in "SpamAssassin client program" helps.

It doesn't sound like a bug though, and while we're sorry you hadn't received any responses in the Forums, if you had any followup questions you may need to keep trying there if the above suggestion doesn't help.

Hi. Sorry for late reply I did not get a notification...

Can you explain why its not a bug? The spamassassin file is not being used. It is used when running from the command line.

So are you saying there is a setting that would enable use of And thats disabled for some reason?

Can you not tell me what setting is needed rather than "experiment with"? Basically what setting results in the file being used when mail is received?


It seems to work sometimes, as I have changed the rewrite_header subject to [SPAM2] and I am getting spam caught with subject [SPAM2] so must be working sometimes.

but occasionally its not used, its skipped? I have the same spam email in junk with subject [SPAM2] as I often get in my inbox not marked as spam (but then it is marked as spam when using command line spamassassin).