PHP FPM not working after rechecking configuration

Php not working for all the virtual servers which php execution mode to PHP-FPM after re-check configuration in virtualmin



Can you explain further what is going wrong exactly?

i created one virtual server with php execution mode as PHP-FPM and another server with php execution mode as FCGID, after that i went to virtualmin configuration and changed some setting then i clicked System Setting --> Re-Check Configuration. it showed everything fine but my one virtual server with PHP-FPM Execution mode is not working it give service unavailable error , then if i switch to FCGID mode then it's working then if i switch to PHP-FPM again it's working, if i click re-check configuration again then server with PHP-FPM execution mode is not working

No i have not tried this patch, waiting for the next update, people says the patch is not working so i am waiting for update