Virtual Server Summary Does Not Display Servers/Sites

I am having a display issue with my Virtualmin admin panel. The Virtual Server Summary link option does not provide the usual drop down link options corresponding to all of my virtual servers/sites/domains/subdomains (see virtualmin_panel_view_1). I have many assets that normally display here as links, but they are not at this time.

When I click on the link, I am taken only to the default / top level virtual server (see virtualmin_panel_view_2).

All of my virtual server assets are otherwise functioning just fine. I can navigate to all of the sites and manage the resources in the command line and FTP just fine. I can also get the domain ID from the command line and use it in the URL to get to resources.

But I cannot use the Virtualmin admin interface and links to get to virtual server resources. Very annoying!!!

Since everything seems to work otherwise, this looks like a configuration issue. Can you please help me? Thanks!!!



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Just to verify, are you logged in as the root user in the above screenshots?

If so, just to rule out something simple, what you may want to try is:

  1. Log out of Virtualmin (not just closing the tab, but actually clicking the logout button)

  2. Log into your server over SSH as root, and run this command: service webmin restart

  3. Log back into Virtualmin as the root user. Do things appear correctly for you now, or do you still see the same issues?

I still see the same issues. Logged in as the assigned admn user, as I do not have the root password (I sudo into root user).

I had this issue previously and it was resolved in another ticket.

You need to download and install 2 available webmin packages.

The dropdown reappears immediately you do.