Email filter "Save to folder" not working in Usermin / Virtualmin

Hi, I've set up an email filter in Usermin with the following rules/actions:-

Rule: 'Based on header' => 'To' => 'starts with' => '' Action: 'Save to folder' => 'Someone' Option: 'Continue with other filter rules, even after applying this action' = OFF

  • The folder 'Someone' is created and has emails in it.
  • 'Show Matching Emails In Folder' displays matching emails as expected.
  • 'Apply To Email In Folder' moves the matching emails to the correct ('Someone') folder as expected.

However, when a new email arrives into the Inbox, the email is not moved to the intended folder.

Note that '' is actually an alias email address in my case. Not sure if that should make any difference?

Any ideas why it's not working? Is this a bug?



For the "To" field condition, change "starts with" to "contains"

Hi, thanks, but already tried that. Also changed the 'header' to 'X-Original-To' which seems to bring up more results when I press 'Show Matching Emails In Folder', but still nothing is moved to the target folder automatically when a matching email is received.

Do any filtering rules work, like forwarding email to other addresses?

I think I have found the cause - I just noticed an option in Virtualmin > Email Settings > Spam & Virus Scanning for "Allow mailbox users to create mail filters?". I enabled this, and in Usermin (Mail/mailbox view) a new option in the side navigation appeared for "Email Filters". The filter I had set up before was there, and now the filtering seems to work.

Previously I set this filter up under Usermin > Filter & Forward Mail, and so I would still expect it to work. Seems like the feature is duplicated in Usermin, and if one is prevented from working, then both should be?