Server Template values not respected!


I always created my own Server Templates from default template but my settings are ignored!

For example: In the "Virtual server template details (BIND DNS domain)"

  • I can't uncheck records in "Address records for new domains", I uncheck, and save, and after save they are checked again.
  • I have configured DMARC and policy in the tamplare, but no DMARC is configured when creating a new domain.

How and what shall I do to be able to use my settings in a template?

Regards, Leffe



There's a bit of a glitch / misfeature on that template page. For other BIND template settings to be saved, you need to set "BIND DNS records for new domains" to "Records below", EVEN if you don't actually enter any extra records. Then your other settings will be saved.

Yes I understand that but the thing is, if I select "Records below" and save it becomes "From default..." after save. And if I select "No additional records" and save it remains there! In other word we cant select "Records below" since that choice can't be saved.


And it has been like this a really long time... ;)