SSL/TLS certificate for ProFTPD

Hi there,

I don't remember how I did this years ago, but I suspect I made changes in config files on the command line instead of through Virtualmin.

So on a new server, at some point a self-signed certificate was used for ProFTPD. I've since added a proper certificate to Webmin/Virtualmin, but I can't see how I would make ProFTPD (through Virtualmin/Webmin) use it for FTPS connections. There are options in Virtualmin to copy the certificate to various other servers (Webmin, Usermin, Dovecot and Postfix), but not ProFTPD.

Is there a way to do this through Webmin/Virtualmin (other than, obviously, at Webmin -> Servers -> ProFTPD Server -> Edit Confg Files -> /etc/proftpd.conf) or must I do it via the command line?





Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

There should indeed be a "Copy to ProFtpd" option in Manage SSL Certificates.

Do I recall that we recently went into Features and Plugins on your server, and disabled the "Virtual FTP" option?

While that really does have nothing to do with standard FTP, I also seem to recall Jamie mentioning some time ago that there's an oddity in Virtualmin where it still checks to see whether that module is enabled in order to determine whether to present the "Copy to ProFTP" option.

If that's disabled, can you try re-enabling it in Features and Plugins, and see if you're then able to use the "Copy to ..." feature?

You don't have to enable it for the individual domains, only in the Features and Plugins page.

Your recollection is mostly correct, but your suggestion was completely correct. Thanks.