SMTP Fail - Missing SMTP server processes


Rather urgent problem!

When I create a new virtual server with dedicated IP no SMTP service for the IP gets added to the Postfix Server processes!

CentOS 7.6.1810, Webmin 1.930, Usermin 1.780, Virtualmin 6.07 Pro, Authentic theme 19.39-2

Regards, Leffe



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Howdy -- thanks for your report!

I'm passing this along to Jamie for comment.

I apologize for the silly question, but we do have to ask -- when creating the new Virtual Server, the "Mail for Domain" feature is enabled for it?

Also, are you seeing that issue with any newly created Virtual Server? If you try a different domain name or IP address, you see the same issue?

Hi, Yes mail for domain is enabled! This happens on both our servers now, I was about to start moving customers to our new box, but can't since SMTP service don't get added. Its the same when adding a new VS or moving a old to a new dedicated IP already active in network. All traffic except SMTP/mail works.

And if I look at postfix Server Processes, only the old VS smtp services exists, no new gets added when creating a new VS. If I change a VS IP to the shared IP everything works. Those existing SMTP services/Virtual Servers was added a few month ago, and on the software versions at that time it worked.


Okay, thanks for the info!

If you go into System Settings -> Server Templates -> Default Apache Website, what is the "Configure Postfix to use same SSL cert?" option set to?

It is set to YES,

Most customers have own certs, but we also have multidoman certs for the shared IP. We are a reseller for certs so we don't use LE.


Okay, thanks for the info!

I think we'll need to see what Jamie has to say about that one.

Do these domains have their own private IPs, and SSL websites enabled? That's needed for Postfix per-domain SSL to work.


I don't think this is a SSL issue, no new virtual server/domains that i added did get any SMTP postfix Server Processes added and did fail due to that. Se my post #2. Or do you mean that the settings Eric is talking about in #3 is the reason why no server process gets added for the new domains?

Anyways... I have had this server wiped due to the exploit, I wanted to 100% sure... and has now a new fresh install that is under configuration, and tomorrow I start to move customers back. So I don't know if this issue still exists, but I know for sure tomorrow when starting to add the virtual servers/domains.

I will update this issue tomorrow.

Regards, Leffe