Migration question

Hi there,

The instructions at https://www.virtualmin.com/documentation/system/migrate have me confused on one issue.

One of the steps is to generate a back-up:

virtualmin backup-domain --dest /root/backups/ --all-domains --all-features --newformat --all-virtualmin

Then to restore the back-ups the instructions are to run two commands:

virtualmin restore-domain --source /root/backups/virtualmin.tar.gz --all-virtualmin virtualmin restore-domain --source /root/backups/ --all-domains --all-features

Perhaps I will have my question answered by actually running the back-up command suggested, but I'm not ready yet to back up all domains just to get the answer. Will "virtualmin.tar.gz" in the first restore command be created as part of running the single back-up command above that, or is there another back-up creation command missing from the instructions?





Follow-up question: Assuming the answer to the above question is "yes", is there a command for me to generate just the settings file? I don't see an answer at "virtualmin --help".

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Yes, the virtualmin.tar.gz file is created by the backup command there, due to the "--all-virtualmin" parameter.

I haven't tried to generate just it before, though you could try removing the "--all-domains --all-features" options from the backup command to see if that does the trick.

Thanks Eric. I looked harder for the Virtualmin CLI documentation and re-found it.

Ironically, I watched Joe's CLI video and he typed something like "virtualmin backup-domain --help" (which I tried too), but that doesn't work so you sort of get the expected help by removing the "--help" part.

Another question: Do I complete the Post-Installation Wizard and then import the "all-virtualmin" file, or would that be redundant and I should only import/restore the file?


Best to complete the wizard first, then re-import the settings.

Thanks Jamie.