DKIM Selector is not updated in DKIM Keytable

As reported by jmunjr on

After updating DKIM, the selector is not updated in /etc/dkim-keytable file, then old selector (and potentially key) is used to sign outgoing emails, making DKIM checks to fail.



How in the Virtualmin UI was the selector changed?

Virtualmin tab > Email Settings > DomainKeys Identified Mail

Prior editing the file manually, there was a field to set the selector name, and on save a key was generated and the DNS record displayed (didn't check if it was properly added to DNS zone on server, since I use external DNS servers). However, the server kept using "default" as selector on all outgoing mail.

Now I have edited the file manually, I can't see an option to set the selector on that screen anymore. It correctly displays the selector I have added to the file though (and properly generates the key on save), but it's not a text field, just a regular text (information).