Open New Server-Decommission VM License on Old Server

We have a license for 10 domains on VirtualMin

WE are upgrading from Ubuntu 14+ to Ubuntu 18+ on a different Linode Instance.

On the Old Server, there are 7 domains, 3 are unused

There are 2 domains that are mission critical for importing, from with VirtualMin, to the new server.

But I how do I proceed with "decommissioning" the licenses on the older server while creating the new domains on the new server. Won't I go over the 10 domains license?... at least for the 72 hours transfer?

also, I think there is a way in Virtualmin to make the transfer of one Cloud instance to a new cloud instance, but we just want to move the /home/#domain files and the database bases associated wth #domain for one server to the other..not any part of the server config



Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It's no problem to install your license on a new server in order to perform a migration.

Licenses are only designed for one server, so it's only counting the domains currently installed on one server, not all domains on all servers.

So that should work just fine in your case.

Feel free to let us know if you have any additional questions!

Great! Now VirtualMin provide tools for copying a domain. I lost my own documentation for this: ;-(

There is a "Transfer Virtual Server" option we can use.

a) But the new server must already be entered in our DNS Matric, right?

b) Does it transfer the associated databases?

c) It is a good idea to use this option from an old OS (ubuntu 14) and a new OS (ubuntu 18)

The option you're referring to essentially just does a backup of the domain using the Virtualmin backup, copies it to the new server, and then restores it.

You may still need to change the nameservers at the registrar. And you may need to do testing to work through any issues that could occur... old options in the php.ini file causing syntax errors, missing dependencies on the new server, etc.

You may want to do it outside of business hours, though it usually doesn't take too long to sort those sorts of things out.