Virtualmin version 6.07 & dashboard problem with new quota functionality?

Webmin version 1.921 Usermin version 1.771
Virtualmin version 6.07 Authentic theme version 19.38

After updating to the latest versions of all software yesterday, I noticed that in the dashboard, the quota accordion was staying open showing some domains getting over quota of 1024MB. So I went to Virtualmin>Edit Virtual Server and changed the limit to unlimited from 1024Mb and saved:
Modyfying administration user...done
Changing disk quota...done
Updating Webmin user...done
Updating Webmin user...done
Saving server details...done
Re-loading Webmin...done

I went to dashboard again and the domain was still there. CTRL-F5 did nothing. Cleared my local Chrome cache/cookies, nothing. Logged out and back in...nothing.
Only when I rebooted did the dashboard accordion close and the virtual server shown there was changed to 'UNLIMITED' in a grey line.

Sure enough, If I now modify the VS back to 1024MB from unlimited, only a reboot will allow the dashboard to show the change.

1. How do we get Webmin dashboard to accept the quota change without reboot? I never saw this before. Looks like a BUG.
2. How do I modify multiple domains to change them from 1024Mb to Unlimited? I see no command for quota in "virtualmin modify-limits".
3. Also when creating new domains, can we use limits from plan and also increase quota to unlimited like this?
virtualmin create-domain --domain "${domainName}" --limits-from-plan --quota UNLIMITED



Title: Virtualmin version 6.07 & dashboard problem new with quota functionality? ยป Virtualmin version 6.07 & dashboard problem with new quota functionality?

It looks like the quota is being updated, but the dashboard page showing the over-quota domains isn't being immediately refreshed.

Hi Jamie, Sure seems that way.
Any comments on my Q#2 and Q#3?

2 - you'd need to write a shell script that does a for loop over all your domains.

3 - there's no way to do this at domain creation time, but you could update the quota immediately afterwards with a separate modify-domain call.

Oh crap! I have been using modify-limits. Thanks for pointing it out.

After updating to the latest versions of all the software yesterday, I saw that the quota accordion on the whiteboard is showing some domains that were exceeding the 1024 MB quota. We wanted for her. So I went to Virtualmin> Edit Virtual Server and I changed the limit from 1024Mb indefinitely and saved: