I'm a OpenPGP n00b so looked for a how to do it with Virtualmin and couldn't find anything.

I'm at a point where I used Thunderbird and Enigmail on a Ubuntu 18.04 workstation to set up encrypted email for all my user accounts that were email only in my Virtual Servers. I have that working correctly. I also got things mirrored onto my laptop. I also did a mirror on my Android mobile device using K-9 Mail and OpenKeychain as the key manager.

I'm poking around Usermin trying to find the place where I can give admin accounts their private OpenPGP keys, but I see nothing that looks promising.

Is there a manual here at Virtualmin dot com for setting that up?



Individual users can setup their PGP keys in Usermin, at Applications -> GPG Encryption.

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Submitted by WNYmathGuy on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 11:47 Pro Licensee

Ugh, I never went into the Usermin Configuration to turn on access to GnuPG Encryption in the Available Modules area. I feel dumb.

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Sorry, I'm not sure what I did wrong, but the keyserver options must be wrong and I don't know where to set them. This is the result after clicking the [Send Key to Server] button:

Sending key Michael Rupp (Made with Usermin) to keyserver pgp.mit.edu ..

Failed to send key :

gpg: "Michael Rupp (Made with Usermin)" not a key ID: skipping

And this is a result when trying to send a test message to an account that has working encryption and it's keys were sent to servers weeks ago:

Failed to send mail : Couldn't find key for email address somebody@FQDN.com

I did the export of the public key to just show in the browser and put that into a Friendica account. The test message from Friendica had an error that it couldn't decrypt:

Failed to decrypt message :

Encryption secret key is not available

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Also, when I import keys of other email addresses, the fingerprint isn't making it in. It might be my fault because I added image files to the keys using the Ubuntu Passwords & Keys app (Seahorse).

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Should I have started a new ticket instead of trying to reactivate this one?