When user quotas are higher than virtual server quotas, quotas checks misbehave

When user quotas are higher than virtual server quotas, quotas checks misbehave in 1 functional and 10 different UI/UX ways:

(this list is written for the case of a single user in the virtual domain, but with only little extension in the tests and displays it can be generalized to multi-user scenarios):

  1. User email quotas limit reach are not sent out, so user do not get a warning (I consider this a bug)
  2. In list of users of the virtualmin server, the user quotas are displayed as well as the used quota is displayed in black instead of red (I consider this is a bug),
  3. Total Server quota are not displayed when a user quota is above it (feature request) nor checked (bug) in the list of users.
  4. When editing a user, server quotas are neither displayed, nor checked against user usage, and
  5. if server quotas are reached, that error condition is not displayed neither in the user list, nor
  6. in user edit.
  7. And virtualmin allows to set a user quota above the server quota.
  8. And virtualmin does not automatically reduce user quotas to maximum of server quota when server quota is decreased, nor.
  9. Is an error displayed when trying to do this. Finally
  10. No warning is displayed in server view,
  11. nor in server edit, when user quotas are above server quota.
  12. In manual disk quota checks, the coherence of user quotas to not be bigger than server quota should also be flagged.

These 12 opportunities to flag the configuration error have been missed in the UI, and implementing all or at least a few of them would allow to reduce many headaches and catastrophic consequences (website down, incoming emails refused).

Therefore I consider this a high-priority request.