Needs of licence for DNS servers ??


I contact you as I'd like to know what is the best in my situation. I plan to get one main server that will host all my customers with a full paid Virtualmin licence unlimited. Then I'm going to setup two tiny cloud server to be used as main and secondary DNS servers. Do I need to buy a Virtualmin licence for these two servers too ? or I can go with the GPL version ? considering that DNS records will be handled by my main hosting server that will push them to these two tiny DNS servers ? I want to do it this way as I got lot of issues to setup successful DNS system with Virtualmin/webmin in past and so wants to be able to debug that out of my main hosting system !

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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Yup, that's no problem, DNS servers can certainly run Virtualmin GPL. Actually, they can even run just Webmin if you want, you don't actually need Virtualmin.

Note that if you're hoping to use your provider for the master DNS server, they may offer their own secondary servers, it may not be necessary to run your own secondary servers.