virtualmin not running

Virtualmin doesn't run upon installation. How might I get it restarted?



virtualmin @ times out. even after restart of webmin.

Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

Do you see the same results when trying to connect using the IP address, rather than the domain name?

Also, what is the output of this command:

netstat -anlp | grep :10000

nn@nn-p:~$ sudo netstat -anlp | grep :10000 [sudo] password for nn: Sorry, try again. [sudo] password for nn: tcp 0 0* LISTEN 3515/perl
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 14607/chrome --type tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 14607/chrome --type tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 9567/perl
tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED 9568/perl
tcp6 0 0 :::10000 :::* LISTEN 3515/perl
udp 0 0* 3515/perl

and yes, I do see the same result with the ip address

and thank you for your work.

It looks like Virtualmin is running on port 10000 there.

It also looks like Virtualmin is running behind a NAT router though.

Is it possible that port 10000 on the NAT router hasn't been forwarded to the Virtualmin server?

port 10000 is forwarded to the machine

and thank you for your work, as always

I just tested it now -- I browsed to this URL:

And I can see your Virtualmin login screen.

Is that working for you now, or are you still seeing the same issue?

seems to be running. What should I do if it happens again?

I'm glad to hear it's working now!

I'm unfortunately not really sure what the issue was, so I couldn't say what to do in the future.

It did look like Virtualmin was running, so it's possible it was a temporary routing or networking issue, but it's really hard to say.

seems to be down again:

nn@nick:~$ ping ping: Name or service not known

however cli is running:

nn@nick:~$ sudo virtualmin list-commands

Backup and restore

backup-domain Backup one or more virtual servers list-scheduled-backups Outputs a list of scheduled backups restore-domain Restore one or more virtual servers list-backup-keys Lists all available backup encryption keys.

Virtual servers

clone-domain Duplicates an existing virtual server with a new name. create-domain Create a virtual server delete-domain Delete one or more virtual servers. disable-domain Temporarily disable a virtual server enable-domain Re-enable one virtual server migrate-domain Imports a virtual server from some other product modify-domain Change parameters of a virtual server move-domain Change the owner of a virtual server rename-domain ...

Yeah I'm not able to access any ports on your server, it's not just Virtualmin port 10000.

That seems to indicate some sort of routing or networking issue.

You may need to ensure that the server is online, and that the iP address hasn't changed.

I reinstalled os and virtualmin during the period that you checked; check again

Yup, it all does appear to be accessible now.