Coudmin Master-Master configuration

I have 3 Cloudmin hosts (VMMs) with Cloudmin Pro license. I would like to create multi-master configuration like any Cloudmin host can manage any instances in cluster. So when I connect to any Cloudmin host I would see all information about any KVM host and KVM instance.

I'm looking for it as a redundant system also, e.g. if master KVM host will be down I will can manage all instances from any other host.



Note though that Cloudmin doesn't support multi-master - only a single master, and multiple replicas that could be promoted to master if required.

Thank you for answers. What can I do when the master goes down? According to replication docs I need to manually change slave to master, but I can't use Cloudmin failover system to auto start VMs, because master is down, which is responsible for that.

Now I can use 3rd party software only, e.g. Peacemaker/Corosync to run Cloudmin bash commands to do it automatically. But it's so complicated :-(

PS: I'm using DRBD storage replication with Cluster LVM, so all VMs' virtual drives are on both hosts.