Difference between systems with Webmin and Virtualmin repo files

The /etc/yum.repos.d directory on a clean system with Virtualmin installed has virtualmin.repo and no webmin.repo. However, if you initially installed only Webmin and then install Virtualmin on top of it, then the same directory has both repo files. And both systems behave similarly, at least you can't differ then from UI point.

But I wonder is there any technical difference between two systems? I mean what the second system could pull from webmin.repo that the first system with only virtualmin.repo can not?

If on a system with Virtualmin installed all updates are pulled from virtualmin.repo and webmin.repo becomes obsolete and does nothing, then maybe it should be removed during Virtualmin installation?

Closed (works as designed)


There is a subtle difference - if you have a webmin.repo file, you will get new Webmin versions slightly sooner when they are available to the general public. Otherwise, new versions will only be available once they are added to the Virtualmin repository.

Hi Jamie,

Seems that it's a little bit different now:


I have noticed this because my system made this update to 1.932-1 using vitualmin repository and there is a bug regarding letsencrypt script. Downgrading to 1.930-1 from webmin repository solved this situation.

Thank you.

Best regards, Catalin

Yes, we put a 1.932 devel version in the Virtualmin repo because it contained a fix for a bug that only effects Virtualmin.