Did i need the Cloudmin Connect ?

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I have purchased Cloud Min to replace Proxmox as my virtualization software. I am on dedicate bare metal server with Hetzner.

I am not sure i needed the Webmin/Cloudmin Connect.

System: 18 Core Intel Cpu. 32 G ram 8T post Raid of HDD

One Main IP and a /29 set ... I know how to set all that up and get a KVM V machine running ( Lots of issues in past with this )

I want wanted to use one software provider for all for all the software i needed from virtualization to hosting panel to end user panel.

I purchased Cloudmin and the Cloudmin Connect for Virtualmin. I plan on having Less than 10 domains, at least for now.

Do i need the Cloudmin / Virtualmin connect. AND / OR Do i still need to buy a 10 Domain version of virtualmin ?

I jsut want to make sure I have the right products.


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Howdy -- thanks for contacting us!

It sounds like you're saying you picked up both a Cloudmin 10 license, along with a Cloudmin Connect.

You're right, you wouldn't actually need both -- the Cloudmin Connect functionality comes in the Cloudmin 10.

What the Cloudmin 10 will let you do is create up to 10 Virtual Machines, running an OS of your choice. You could then install Virtualmin Pro or GPL onto those Virtual Machines, if you wish. Doing so would make it so that Cloudmin could perform more management functions on all the systems.

Hopefully that helps with your questions, but if you have any more, please feel free to let us know!

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Submitted by mygware on Sat, 05/04/2019 - 03:23

Thanks for the response II am going to discontinue the connect then...

But, can choose to add on the virtual min PRO as well, so that my VPS can use it. I know I can the GPL version, But do you offer a discount on the VirtualPRO for CloudminPro Customers...

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No worries, Really 6 bucks is worth it. if i can support the cause, all is good...

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Just to be super-sure before I press the big red button -- are you saying you'd like for us to cancel your Cloudmin Connect license now? If you prefer, since you have it anyways, you're welcome to try it out for a bit, and you can still get a refund so long as you let us know within 30 days of purchasing it.

But if you'd like to focus on your Cloudmin 10, no problem -- I can go ahead and cancel/refund that now.

We do indeed offer discounts, though those start around the 5 license mark unfortunately.

However, if you ever find yourself with 5 licenses, let us know and we'll talk about making that a bit cheaper for you :-)