Dovecot letsencrypt authentication issues with Security Certificates

Hi Basically I was getting an error with dovecot certificates, not being fully recognised. This was causing issues with clients not being able to verify properly against the certificates for their mail. In the dovecot.conf file, it seems that virtualmin is placing entries under the “!include_try local.conf” section. Basically this points to certs for individual virtual servers that are created. What is happening is that the cert is pointing to: /home/username/ssl.cert, whereas it should be pointing to /home/username/ssl.combined. If this is changed, then there should be no issues with the certs anymore.

Please check into, and adjust code accordingly.

Fixed (pending)


Just a comment. I tried with one of the domains, but this didn't help with the dovecot issue. What maybe should happen, is that in the notes on virtualmin, maybe explain to the guys to comment out the section for the virtualserver that they want to use as the "main" mail server for all accounts. This would help others so they wouldn't have to go figure this out themselves.

Ok, so the real issue is that the CA cert isn't being included in the Dovecot config?

This is a known bug that we'll fix in the next Virtualmin release.

ok great, I didn't realise that it was a known bug! Awesome that it'll get fixed in the next release!