Improvement suggestions for the backup's Features and settings

  1. Virtuamin allows changing the homes directory and we always set it to something else. Nevertheless, when you schedule a backup the homes persist in the Include homes directory even-though given in italic (as if it's supposed to be just a placeholder, which though never takes the changed value).

  2. And why specify inclusion/exclusion options for only logs and homes, whereas in most cases users do not need to backup directories like cgi-bin  fcgi-bin  Maildir  .usermin  .virtualmin-src? I know we can exclude them in the "Files to exclude from each domain" section, but then what is so special about logs and homes that they got their own options? So either please drop both exclusive options for including logs and homes or extent the list for at least cgi-bin and fcgi-bin.



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Submitted by Welshman on Fri, 03/29/2019 - 13:40

Respect where respect is due, VM's backup area rocks.

Any improvements will just make it better.

You should Patent it Jamie.


I'd fix that message to reflect the actual "homes" directory.

The reason it's treated specially is that we got a lot of requests to exclude mail users from backups. Similarly for logs .. they are usually ephemeral, so not backing them up isn't a huge loss.

Make sense. But then it also make sense to exclude the cgi-bin, fcgi-bin directories, maybe even silently by default without giving them exclusive options, because nobody needs them really.

I disagree - on some sites, the owner may have put a bunch of old-style scripts in the cgi-bin directory.