Backup Encryption Keys - Create Encryption Key - Failed to create backup key : Key generation failed : New key does not exist!

While trying to generate a new encryption key, I constantly get this error: 'Failed to create backup key : Key generation failed : New key does not exist!'

I have tried numerous different ways of generating this key and it always fails with this error. At first I was getting an entropy error which I corrected by running a tcpdump from a terminal while trying to generate the key. But I cannot get past this.

I've also generated keys in a terminal and this works. Can I use a key I generated and if so where should I store this key, other than my home directory?



I have an ongoing ticket about this...virtualmin is not waiting long enough for the process to finish and timing after the process finishes virt doesn't see the key is there..until you try to create another one then it will tell you a key already exists..which it does..but virt doesn't "see" it...the devs are working on it..:)

The most recent Virtualmin release should allow you to recover from this partial key creation by importing an existing key on that same form.

aha..great! I'll give it a try...:)