after update php on debian 9 and rechecking Configuration, php not working

php is not working after do a re-check configuration. It's update php.ini and apache doesn't recognize php. If i do only the update , it works , but when i do a recheck , apache fail to work with php



Howdy -- what problem is it that you're seeing with PHP?

When you say it doesn't work, what issue are you seeing exactly?

I did an update with surry sources for php7.1 , and now when i go to an .php file, it's open the code source. I install a test server to check with same configuration and it works. So it's a configuration file which was modified. It's after the recheck configuration in virtualmin, that's happened. Before the server serve php files normally.

SetHandler is un-commented everywhere! it works after commented SetHandler and i also remove a redirection in website redirect. Clear cache browser.

Great, we're glad to hear it's working!