Modify TTL for All DNS Records


I have a client DNS domain where the client made TTL changes to many records instead of using the "$ttl ####" method.

Is there a way to remove/reset all the per-record TTL settings so that the domain default takes effect?

Perhaps using 'modify-dns' from the CLI?

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You'r correct, you can indeed use the command line tools for tweaking the TTL. An example of that looks like this:

virtualmin modify-dns --all-domains --ttl 1h

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Yes, I have already done that.

However, there are numerous records that have their own TTLs specified by the end-user and if you query one of those records, you get the record-level TTL, not the domain-level TTL.

I'm migrating his domains to a newer Virtualmin server...

I hope that made more sense...


Ah, I think I understand... I don't think anything other than completely re-writing the DNS records would resolve that.

Is disabling, and then re-enabling, the DNS feature for the domain an option?

If the DNS being used is all just the default records that Vittualmin adds, disabling and re-enabling those will re-create the records, but without those TTL options.