Virtual Server use has full access to all databases in webmin when phpmyadmin script is installed on a specific virtual server as its user

logged into a virtual server as its administrator.

ran the phpmyadmin installer script

when i log into phpmyadmin as the virtual server admin user, i have full access to every database on all virtual servers on the system.

The virtual server admin user is not a member of any groups.

i do not understand how this should even be possible!

Needs work


That does seem wrong - can you actually access those databases, or just see their names?

When you install phpMyAdmin you can choose what databases to see in its interface. As is constructed Virtualmin, you can access only the databases with based on your privileges. I have seriously doubts with admin account from VM1 you can databases from VM1.

In the past I risen up an issue related to phpMyAdmin. You can use phpMyAdmin installation from VM1 to manage databases from VM2, but only with admin account from VM2. I wanted to find a way to limit phpMyAdmin, RoundCube installation being use only in its root folder and only by that admin account.