Access to PHP configuration through Webmin/Virtualmin

Hi there,

I have somehow configured one of my users/domains to have access to their PHP configuration via Webmin -> Others -> PHP Configuration -> Manage (next to the path to the appropriate file), but another user (who is more of a "regular" user) does not have this option.

As the root user I looked under Virtualmin -> DOMAIN -> Administration Options -> Edit Owner Limits -> Allowed capabilities and features, but both parent domains are configured the same way.

Where or how have I configured the first domain to have this additional access?





Which PHP execution mode is the second domain using? Those PHP options aren't available in mod_php mode.

Both domains are running as FCGId.

Also under pressure to address this issue sooner rather than later. Sorry.

Are both domains using the same PHP version?

Hi Jamie,

Yes, both are running the same version.

However, I fail to see what this has to do with a feature inside Virtualmin. This is not a question about some PHP script or another running on the domain.


It could be an issue if Virtualmin can't find the config files for a particular PHP version.

I can debug this further, but would need access to your system to see what's going wrong.

Due to other issues on this server I'll be migrating soon anyway, so we'll see if this also exists on the new server.